Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, Tokyo

Type: Diplomatic

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Appointment 2000
Completion 2004
Area 2,900 m2
Location Tokyo, Japan
Senior Designer Hossein Zeineddin
Project Supervisor Navid Varzaghani
Architecture Shadi Seyed Agha, Ra’na Amir Tahmasebi, Farnaz Khansari, Shahrokh Kamyab Sharifi

Each country’s embassy buildings and agencies constructed in other countries must first be designed in accordance with the cultural and climatic conditions of the host country, and then combined with the cultural elements and national specifications of the guest country. Embassy of Iran in Tokyo, while containing Iran’s cultural specifications, is carefully matched to the context and texture of its location in Tokyo.
The building is transparent and welcoming, and its specific political and functional sections, which are exclusively dedicated to the diplomatic staff, are delicately and subtly separated from its cultural and public sections.